28 April 2009

Somebody to Love: Sondre Lerche

I think now is as good a time as any to start a new segment on this blog called, "Somebody to Love" catering to my all time favorite artists, namely anyone who also happens to appear on the list to the right of this page under the heading "Arists I Like" or whatever it says.

To start this off, I'd like to introduce Mr. Sondre Lerche, an artist I'm absolutely in love with. Hailing from Bergen, Norway with a strong perchant for Elvis Costello, whom he's toured with, Lerche has managed to make quite a name for himself in the states as well. His music blends '80s pop with '60s girl group beats and sensible, but not always easily understood lyrics. Playing since he was just a teenager, Lerche has also found his way on to Rolling Stone's top 50 albums of the year, was named best new act at the Norwegian Grammys, and has produced albums in different genres ranging from 2006's jazz album Duper Sessions to 2007's rock album Phantom Punch - and he's only 26!

Unlike so many countless others, Lerche has such an outstanding collection of songs, it's difficult to name favorites. Today, I'll say this is a sample of a Top 5 Sondre Lerche list for me:

1. Sleep on Needles (an absolute favorite on ANY list)
2. Airport Taxi Reception
3. Stupid Memory
4. The Tape
5. On the Tower

When I saw him at Maxwell's in Hoboken last year, the experience made me like him even more. We got there early and were eating dinner when suddenly I noticed he was sitting at a table right next to us. I couldn't stop staring but he seemed very normal and sweet, more concerned with getting a good meal than anyone saying anything to him. I didn't even bother him because it almost seemed anti-climatic. Then when he got on stage he talked a lot about New Jersey and how we must be his closest friends in the entire state - very cute. At the end we saw him standing by the merch table for what seemed like quite a while signing things and chatting up fans. Once again, we didn't go over but he seemed so lovely - and people went crazy for "Sleep on Needles" that night! It was the sweetest, little concert I've ever been to and I would gladly see him again.

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