25 April 2009

Almost Famous

One of my most favorite movies that I don't watch nearly enough anymore. I used to know all the lines by heart. And Cameron Crowe. Oh, Cameron Crowe! I love him too much. I love Jason Lee too much. I love the obsessed Led Zeppelin fan too much - and Rolling Stone! This clip captures everything I love about everything in the world. Is that going too far again? I can't help it.

The worst part of this clip is when it ends.
Best use of a Led Zeppelin song in a movie.
Best use of an Elton John song in a movie (and my favorite Elton John song at that).
Best use of New York in a movie.

And it leads to so many more youtube videos:

Dr. Hook's real verison of "Cover of the Rolling Stone"

Elton John's live version of "Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters"

And again the insane genius of Cameron Crowe's music collection comes to life in one of the most brilliant films ever, Vanilla Sky.

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