23 April 2009

My Soft Spot

Pete Yorn was my first introduction to modern day singer/songwriters. When I first got a copy of his album, musicforthemorningafter, at The Wiz (one of the first big music stores to close in the past decade!), I was completely enthralled. I don't think I stopped listening to it for two years straight - seriously. It was one of those amazing discoveries where you don't even want to talk about it with friends because it's so personal. I wasn't obsessed with it as much as in love with it. Later on he continued his "day" saga with Day I Forgot and Nightcrawler, neither of which I was able to get into as much as the first one but there were still exceptional standouts that move me every time I hear them. One of which is Crystal Village. I hadn't seen the music video until this week and I'm really disappointed in myself for that. It is exactly the video I would make if I were a musician. Other than writing about music, my second favorite topic is attraction and this is exactly what the song deals with on a sincere, human level.

Following that is a great song off his musicforthemorningafter - Life on a Chain. Not too much to say about the video but so much to say about his lyrics and the way he OWNS the song with that sad, battered, yet happily not whiny (aka Conor Oberst) voice.

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