28 April 2009

Love to Love You

Dear Matt Giraud,

I'm not going to pretend to be articulate. It is not right for me, a person who is not 12 years old, to love you so much. I hide it Thursday through Monday and do enjoy respectable music 99% of the time but you are different. You make me like bad music, cheesy music, "Idol World" music as Simon would call it.

I know Adam Lambert is going to win. You and I both know that for some inexplicable reason Danny Gokey will be there long after you have been forgotten in some people's minds but not in mine. For anyone who even casually frequents the Idol message boards, we know you look and not only that but take into consideration everything you read. When the old women told you to sing "You Found Me" by The Fray, the next week you were up on that stage singing your little imitation heart out. When you got wind that some people were offended by the mole on your face, you took to wearing a hat and covering up. You even abandoned your beloved piano because many were saying they liked to see you move. If Kris Allen had done your performance tonight, he would've stayed on that stool the entire time. You got up and I could see you itching to do so. You know what the ladies want.

You're my favorite. It's sad that you're probably going home tomorrow but consider this: Kristy Lee Cook and Jason Castro stayed longer than the great Michael Johns last season and people still remember him. Sometimes it's impossible for classy singers to get the proper recognition they deserve on this show. Your performance tonight showed a side of you that I had forgotten was there. For awhile now you've been playing into the judges' critique of the Justin Timberlake thing. Now, understanding your love of jazz and Sinatra, I see that you are not what they think you are and that's why you didn't get all the love you needed tonight. That's a pity. You are the ultimate performer and seem like a sweet, sweet man.

This was my favorite performance of any in Idol history tonight and to be honest, I did not think it would come from you. Just earlier I was on the fence about whether you were just a hot guy or a real talent and you helped me see that if it weren't for Adam, I'd be crushed that you are not going to win the whole thing because on any other season, you would deserve it. You have the voice. As Randy would say so very dumbly and without any understanding of music, "You can sing". And let me add to that: You can sing really, really well and from the heart and with nearly as much emotion and caring as the great Mr. Lambert.

I was thinking about writing something on the Idol board but they have you covered over there. You know you are loved by all kinds of people, not just the pathetic, creepy ones Kris and Danny have. You're someone that appeals to everyone and keep that in mind when you're making an album: blow all the naysayers away and make it number one. I know it's not much, but I'll always support you.

Much Respect,


(Matt's older performance of "Let's Get it On")

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