25 April 2009

Somebody to Love: Bushwalla!

I love him. For anyone reading, check out his new blog: http://bushwalla.blogspot.com - very classy stuff. I will tell you why. Bushwalla is without a doubt one of those people that you can tell within an instant has more going on than meets the eye. He has the michevious grin, the kinky, black hair, and the knowing eyes that clearly have seen a few things you have not. The Bushwalla mind is one not only of a musician but maybe someone bordering on genius lunacy. He also makes great songs.

And if you don't believe me that this cat can rock you funk style, take a look at this video filmed during a NYC Highline Ballroom performance last year with Jason Mraz that I was lucky enough to attend. The entire evening was a cavalcade of wonderfully wacky fun made possible by Justin Kredible, a young, Rachel Ray-loving magician, The Makepeace Brothers, a strange Ithaca based band of musical brothers(?), Bushwalla, the coolest, fastest talking, cirus-like singer on the face of the planet, and of course Jason Mraz and Mr. Toca Rivera, two top notch, crowd pleasing performers that never, ever disappoint. A collection of more lovable characters cannot be found. I loved every minute of it. I can still be found wearing my yellow, organic Jason Mraz tee that many mistake for a Daniel Johnston drawing.

Let me introduce the best of Bushwalla's collection, "Fall Through Glass" as sung by the entire group:

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