20 April 2009

Bang the Drum

I feel like I'm going through a musical dry spell. I haven't really come across any good music in some time and that's really disappointing as I'm typically an ambassador for new artists. I can't stand when people say ignorant things like "music has died" or "they'll never have another band like (insert any classic artist here)".

How could that be true?

Any honest music lover will tell you that a huge part of loving the music is embracing the new parts of it otherwise it's a dead art and we certainly know that isn't true. We're not talking about sculpture - kidding.

I am going through a strange time right now where I'm unable to be on the computer for very long due to an ulcer in my right eye. I haven't felt like going on iTunes, listening to music, or really even getting out of bed. The things I have managed to do though all pertain to music in someway. Let me create a list:

1. The day after I was diagnosed with this strange, very uncomfortable problem, I told myself that I couldn't let my Felice Brothers concert tickets go to waste and as I have a serious problem with scalping tickets, I went. Turns out the bright, creepy lights of Webster Hall were a little too much for me and I couldn't even have any alcohol to brace myself (the cruel work of antibiotics) so we left. I am usually the first person in line at a general admission concert and didn't even care that we got there right as the main act was coming on! I didn't even care to check out the merchandise table ... okay, that's sort of a lie but I barely glanced. I didn't even care to check out the venue further than the nearest seat since 1. I had never been to Webster Hall before and 2. I couldn't stand up without crying so it was impossible. I became jealous of girls in hipster cowboy boots doing mock rodeo dances in front of me and started grumbling something about how all these stupid young guys with glasses are only getting laid because of Woody Allen's effect on New York culture. The entire evening was grotesque... to say the most.

2. On the third day of this diagnosis I managed to get out of bed on a Saturday morning and go to my place of employment: a concert venue. There I sat in a box for five hours and watched 30 Rock while trying to get drops in my eyes for the first time in over two decades of being alive. It was unpleasant. I had to put sunglasses over my real glasses (hugely nerdy) and got a comment from a customer that he thought I was "trying to be cool" by doing it. I explained that nothing I do could ever be considered cool and managed to ramble enough to the point that he not only believed me but didn't say goodbye. I think he was buying a solo ticket to Amon Amarth though so he can be forgiven. He obviously leads a sad life. (kidding again)

3. Yesterday, fourth day if you're counting, I attended work once more during a nine band concert with the glorious headlining act of Napalm Death. Let me go off quickly and say I'm a huge John Mayer fan, I like sad, slow songs, I watch American Idol... and where do I work? A place where some of our recent headlining acts have included such novelty names as "Suicidal Tendencies", "Theory of a Deadman", "Deathlok", and I can't even remember what else... maybe Dead People, Tombstone Terrors, Rotting Corpses.. and also David Archuleta. All nonsensical music choices aside, it is the best venue in the world - I've never seen a more dedicated group of people in one place - it's infectous. BUT, getting back to the real story: With an ulcer in my eye I sat through nine death metal bands and generally I was okay. Why? Because these people were creating happiness with their musical sounds. Music just makes people happy. That's all.

4. Now that brings us to today. I have another eye appointment, I still feel like I'm going blind, and the one thing - other than searching for photographs of my incredibly hot, Latin professor - that has brought me to the computer is to write about music. I miss it. I needed to watch a youtube video of The National or see if any good concerts went on sale. I needed to see this blog! I love writing about music - and I'm high on a lot of good drugs right now so that must be the truth.

Strangers: If you're reading this for the first time, tell me who your favorite artists are. Although I pretend to understand when people use lines like, "Oh I have too many, I can't even name one" - I secretly think they're either embarrassed of listening to too much Barry Manilow or they don't like music at all and are afraid of being stoned to death if they admit it.

Shout from the top of your lungs like me: I LOVE JOHN MAYER. I LOVE THE NATIONAL. I LOVE TOM PETTY.

That's admittance of loving a gigantic jerk, a pompous indie band that copies sounds, and an old pothead. But that just makes them even more fantastic. My ears are their own people, they love what they love. Just like the people who see Napalm Death. It's all relative and WE are all relative - we all love music.

I also love big drum sounds. Drums thrill me.

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