12 September 2009

Song to Love: Paranoid

Kanye West has been one of my favorite rappers since The College Dropout but it seems like he just gets better and better - and more mature - with every single. "Paranoid", West's fourth single off his latest album 808's and Heartbreak, has already been around the radio and music video circuit for awhile but it just grabbed hold of me last night when I was sitting alone in my living room watching the VH1 Soul channel (my favorite) and this short film came on mascarading as a music video (not the other way around) and blew my mind.

I'm actually amazed that this song isn't more of a hit. Maybe I missed its heyday a few months back but the beat is irresistable. I have yet to get it out of my head. Apparently, Rihanna - the star of the video - was supposed to be featured as a guest on the radio version but that idea was scrapped and the one sent out to stations featured Mr Hudson instead, also the version on the music video. While the single's been out since March it was only in June that it became available for download and debuted on the Billboard Pop 100 chart at only 96, reaching its peak at 61.

I loved "Heartless" and "Love Lockdown" off 808's but this beats them by a mile. This song is so unique and modern. It does something really arresting with its sound that I can't put my finger on. I might get a little obsessed with this.

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Melissa Lynn said...

i am similarly of a fan of this last album he put out and "paranoid". i have to thank you though for getting to see the music video: no cable has cut me off a bit from the mtv/vh1 days.

i really love the video - i feel like kanye is up there with justin timberlake in being an astute student of the micheal jackson days. don't you think? anyway i feel you on this song to love!