15 September 2009

Musical Notes

Just a quick rundown of some songs I've been wanting to download off iTunes but have yet to get a chance because of school, lack of internet access unless at school library, and the anticipation of the new 5th generation iPod that should be in my hands by the beginning of next week. Currently my old one is sitting in my bag, completely uncharged, missing headphones, and rather ragged looking. I feel sorry for it. I remember when I first got it almost two years ago and treated it like the most important piece of gold in the world. Now it's become a homeless person taking shelter in a random pocket next to a couple TD Bank pens. That's not very nice of me to treat an old friend like that but that new, shiny iPod is making dream clouds appear in my mind. I don't know what color I want yet (possibly dark blue? Forest green?.. I've always wanted a red one..) but I can't wait for the FM radio option and the pre-made Genius mixes. Those are the kind of nerdy things I live for. I hope to fall in love.

So here's a little, incomplete list meant primarily for me because who knows if anyone else will understand it.

**Cat Stevens - If You Want to Sing Out (from that T-Mobile commercial I love with my best friend, Whoopi Goldberg)
**Wale ft. Lady Gaga - Chillin (I'm obsessed with the video and Gaga's absolutely addicting chorus)
**Kanye West - Paranoid (I know I mentioned it before but I have yet to purchase it and hey, I still love him - and Taylor Swift is okay too)
**Mayer Hawthorne (no song in particular but I've heard so much about him and think I'd like his style... maybe)
**New Vampire Weekend?
**Monsters of Folk
**Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman
**Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks (at least I think that's what it's called - found on 101.9)
**Pete Yorn - Last Summer (I can't place this song but 101.9's recently played list mentions it a lot so I must hear it)
**Joe Jackson - Look Sharp!
**The Violent Femmes
**James Morrison - Hurt Like You
**Snow Patrol - Hands Open

... I feel like there was more throughout this past week but that's all I can think of. I don't mind that "Paparazzi" song of Lady Gaga's either but I wouldn't download it. I'm also LOVING everything about Kid Cudi whose debut album comes out today I think? I still need "Make Her Say" - consider that part of the list and any other new songs I love of his off the album.

A couple other notes:

--Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are releasing a new live collection called "The Live Anthology" that does not have a set date yet but will include something like 48 songs, bonus footage, and all kinds of other stuff at a reasonable price. There's also some kind of digital "Superhighway" tour mentioned on their website but I don't fully understand it yet. Their new website is AWESOME though - the best I've ever seen.

--If you haven't checked out 101.9 RXP and live in the tri-state area, you are completely out of your mind. This is not only the greatest radio station to ever grace the airwaves, they are transforming my life into a better one. I don't hear them as much I'd like but my freaking new iPod better get great reception and tagging options on this station because I plan on listening to them a lot more as soon as I can. They play such rarities - both old and new - that I can't get over it. I keep finding these precious gems on their playlists, even if I listen for just a few minutes in the car. I want to give all the disc jockeys hugs and gift baskets. They are the greatest.

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