18 September 2009

Get 'em While They're Hot

So I'm really excited right now - and a little frustrated.

First, and most important, I just got a new iPod! I decided on the "Evergreen" color because it was one of the nicest and one of the only ones still available at Best Buy when I got there. It looks amazing. I have yet to connect it because I've been sitting in Barnes and Noble for the past two hours waiting for my slow-as-heck computer to download the 9.0 version of iTunes but otherwise I am so thrilled. The screen looks twice the size of my old one (from two years ago) and I can't wait to use the radio tagging option - and the voice recorder - oh my. Like I wasn't already a stalker. I'll write a full review once I get it going and hear the sound quality, etc.

Now, I was wasting some time on my old version of iTunes just now as the program is downloading the new one and listened to most of that new Grizzly Bear album. I'm happy to report that it's one of the best albums from start to finish that I have heard in probably six months or more. If I had the money and space on my computer I would download the entire thing. This is seriously impressive. I feel strange saying that because, really, who the hell am I to say a group of professionals made "impressive" music but as a devoted music lover and obsessor, I know good music when I hear it. I LOVE this new album. I want to hear it in its entirety. It is too good for just 30 second snippets. I can't believe I like Grizzly Bear. I actually know people who would be really angry about that - how sick is that?

So go out and buy yourself one of these amazing iPods.

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