22 May 2009

Top 25 Best Album Covers

There's a new computer keyboard at work today and it types so smoothly that I feel like writing a novel..if only I had enough things to talk about. It's funny that you could have a lot going on but the absorbtion of it all takes more energy than the actual actions. I don't like to absorb much (except music).

Strangely enough, I just came across a list of Rolling Stone's top 25 album covers by sheer accident and I'm taking it as a sign from above. The list is full of the best content of all time but not the best album covers. It's like they just picked the most popular albums of all time and blended them together to make a list of record covers - and that is not how it should be done.

So for your consideration, I present to you my list of top 25 album covers - that is subject to change as I find more covers I didn't know about - AND Rolling Stone's top 25 list.

Rolling Stone's (in order from 25 - 1):

25. Purple Rain - Prince
24. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
23. Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division
22. The Ramones - The Ramones
21. Rid of Me - PJ Harvey
20. Appetite for Destruction - Guns N Roses
19. Parallel Lines - Blondie
18. Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
17. The White Album - The Beatles
16. War - U2
15. Who's Next - The Who
14. MCMLXXXIV - Van Halen
13. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
12. OK Computer - Radiohead
11. IV - Led Zeppelin
10. Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth (that I couldn't disagree with more)
09. Revolver - The Beatles
08. The Velvet Underground and Nico - The Velvet Underground and Nico
07. Nevermind - Nirvana
06. Sticky Fingers - The Rolling Stones
05. Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys
04. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
03. Abbey Road - The Beatles (the one I most agree with)
02. London Calling - The Clash
01. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band - The Beatles

And now my list (possibly not in order):

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