21 May 2009

Thursday's Thoughts on Music

1. Adam Lambert did not win American Idol because the presumed winner was being called out as such for the past ten weeks. Of course the hype did him in - not to mention the angry, "Godly" Danny Gokey fans from last week that chose Kris - AND the 38 million votes from Arkansas alone. But Kris seems like a nice guy..

2. Some songs sound so much better live than recorded. I'll use the most recent example that comes to mind: Black Eyed Peas. I love Will.I.Am's sound but sadly, for me, it doesn't transfer to earphones.

3. I'm seeing Fleetwood Mac in June. This will be my second time seeing them in concert and my third experience with Lindsay Buckingham who got me to make a fool out of myself by bringing a Fleetwood Mac album to work (while wearing a Fleetwood Mac shirt) on my first day when he was performing solo at Starland. I look back and still wonder why everyone made me feel bad about that. It's not my fault I love him the way my co-workers love Bon Jovi.

4. I like Lionel Richie, I love Santana, Kiss could not have aged better, and Rod Stewart can move better than most 20 year olds I know.

5. Michael Slezak, writer for Entertainment Weekly, has become the new David Sedaris or Chuck Klosterman for me. I make no attempt at writing unless it is on this site in recent weeks but if I did, it would be in the style of Slezak who is so culturally poetic and honest that he feels like a mixture between a warm blanket and a kiddie roller coaster ride. I am incredibly jealous.

6. I am seeing The National on Friday, May 29th aka a week from tomorrow! With recent events in mind, I haven't been able to think about how exciting this really is. While The Shins were fun a few days ago, we didn't enjoy standing for so long and my age started to rear its ugly head in the form of my back hurting during the final hours. I also felt foolish being so old but I have high hopes for this concert. Based on personal experience, I would be forced to say that The National's music caters to the beaten down and how many 16 year olds do you know that fit that description?

7. I realized that when I'm embarassed or feeling under the weather I can't listen to music for fear that I will ruin a song with my feelings. I worry that every time I hear that song from now on I will remember the time I was embarassed and listening to it. I don't know if that makes sense.

8. I am craving a road trip where I am able to listen to every great song I love at the highest volume possible and scream out the words as if they are the most important messages ever spoken. Unfortunately, I have never had any road trips exactly like that so I don't know where this craving comes from.

9. Moving on June 1st should be fun. I am more nervous than I anticipated and still not packing. I am full of anxiety about money, friendships, school, getting to work, etc. but I still find time to go on Ebay and look up musical note shower curtains and Elvis toothbrush holders. I am looking to make this apartment the musical beacon of New Brunswick complete with a jukebox clock that plays '50's music in the kitchen. Anyone know where I can find a poster of Johnny Cash eating for the dining room wall?

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