16 May 2009

Hang Me Up to Dry

(I just titled this post that because I'm listening to it and as a reminder that it's one of the greatest songs ever created - it's an A.D. favorite for sure)

This song makes me want to:

1. See Cold War Kids in person just to hear them play this song.
2. Learn the drums immediately.
3. Kill myself because it's so amazing.
4. Blast it at full volume on the best speakers in the world.
5. Cry.

don't you love songs that make you want to commit violence because of their epic nature? And I don't use that corny "epic" word typically - just in extreme cases such as the best songs in the world. This and "No Tell Lover" (that I could write about forever) are those songs for me right now.

Music is the only thing that can put me in a better mood when I'm sad, start me writing when I don't feel inspired, and get me up and doing things - although I am mostly just drawn to the shiny light of the computer screen lately - or the bottom of an alcoholic beverage. PS. If anyone knows of a bar with an amazing jukebox in New Jersey, let me know. I'm really tired of the same old j. box in New Brunswick with no Stevie Wonder, John Legend, or any other great R&B artist for that matter. They're racist.

That just leads me to thinking about Mary Wells and how much I love her songs and voice and sexiness. I love sexual songs because when you think about it: how can a song be sexual? When you think of sex, you think of skin and physical contact and all things in PERSON> with music it is just your ears and it's almost like the wind - you can feel it and therefore you know it's there - but you can never see it. What could be sexier than that?

The horns in Chicago's songs always make me feel that way, John Legend's voice, Billie Holiday, even Keb' Mo' who gets no credit - do you realize he's the most amazing person alive?

I'll show you:

And "Love in Vain" started me thinking about "Waiting in Vain", another gorgeous song, not to mention incredibly sexy and mentioned in my Top 25 Sexiest Songs post from a few months back. This video get bonus points for being utterly adorable:

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