17 May 2009

Somebody to Love: Franky Perez

This poor, poor guy. With his aptly titled debut disc, "Poor Man's Son", originally out in 2002, he made a minorly successful impression on the singer/songwriter crowd and got the opportunity to go out on the road with some of the middle of the line hitters at the time, Jason Mraz and Maroon 5 come to mind, before they were chart-topping moneymakers. I remember seeing Mraz a few times that summer and loving Franky Perez to the point that I went out, purchased his album, and learned every word of the 18 or so songs. While it was a little rougher than the music I was typically enjoying at the time, there was this honest grit in Perez's voice that really made me appreciate everything he was saying even more - you could tell these were words based in true experiences and rough times. He's been referred to as a young Bruce Springsteen but judging from his recent turn in the successful hard rock band, Scars on Broadway, signed to Interscope Records, I would say his influences lie in many different areas. It's sad that if you go on his personal myspace page you find he has very few followers of his own solo music when he should be having the same success as Matt Nathanson, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer. And did I mention he only plays guitar and sings back up with his new band? Not fair. Think about it: I'm talking about him today in 2009 when I first bought his album seven years ago - that's staying power. This guy is the real deal. It is very unfortunate that he didn't get enough support to go forward with his solo work, a real talent is being missed out on with Mr. Franky Perez.

This is the only video of his I could find - but if you like this, you'd love his entire album:

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