25 May 2009

New Songs by The National

It's frustrating to hear new songs by my favorite band and know I wasn't there to experience them. I appreciate the excitement a new Youtube video brings filled with new lyrics I have yet to hear and new phrasing to yell about but there is still that essential personal element missing. I know I will eventually love these songs but I can't fully grasp them until I can understand the words and have some type of history with them. A couple months ago at Carnegie Hall when The National performed "Karamozov" and "Wake Up Your Saints" for the first time, I cried. I sat there in my overpriced mezzanine seat crying into my own shoulder over the power of The National. I have never experienced that kind of emotion on the first listen of a song before but it was the combination of the live music and the sounds that come out of the greatest band in the world.

Vandalylle Cry Baby

Blood Buzz Ohio

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