20 July 2009

Music for Cougars

I'm excited for this: new music from Sugar Ray, a band that hasn't released an album of original material since 2003.

I don't want to call Sugar Ray a guilty pleasure but I'm aware they don't have the greatest reputation in the music industry. They're not really a band people go to see to check out the incredible guitar solos or astounding vocals. None of that matters though when it's summertime and the music is as infectious as itchy mosquito bites. Their recent performance on Conan, complete with horrible audio and a lead singer more famous for hosting Extra, was atrocious but even throught the funky sound quality, you could hear the makings of a summer hit. There's just something about them. The mere fact that their first single, "Fly", could've easily been mistaken for a one hit wonder yet they're still around a decade later is reason enough to be impressed.

Their upcoming album, Music for Cougars, the sixth studio album for the band, is set to be released tomorrow, July 21, just in time to help soak up the harmful UV rays and intense summer heat. Their aply titled new single, "Boardwalk", is already available.

And for your listening pleasure, here's a sample of some of my favorite classic Sugar Ray tunes in case you've forgotten:


"When It's Over"

A cover of "Day 'N Nite" to tie in the last post:

And the great new single:

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