18 July 2009

Can't Get Enough Will Dailey

Just got tickets to see Will Dailey at the Mercury Lounge on July 28th. I chose him over the chance to see Pete Yorn for the first time ever. Oh well, new things are always shinier and I strongly believe in this guy.

I've been trying to do my research on this Boston-based singer/songwriter since my last post on him and have come up with a slew of strange, exciting videos, above par critical comments, and some really good songs off his new album. I can already tell this is the beginning of a beautiful thing. Dailey is a branch right off the tree of folksy, acoustic singer/songwriters that I've always loved. Can't wait to check him out live.

"Keep You a Mystery" - Dailey's self-made video

Funny or Die commercial

"Rise" - The Early Show


Anonymous said...

Pete Yorn FREE in store show at Vintage Vinyl, Edison, NJ 7/25 @ 6pm.

A.D. said...

Thank you so much. The second I saw your comment I was trying to figure out a way to get there but -very sadly- I will be working.

If you're going, please let me know how it goes!