23 June 2010

Music Video to Love: Why Don't You Love Me - Beyonce

I'm positively in love with this video. Yeah, what a surprise that I'm overly excited about something, I know, but this is exquisitely done and so different. Beyonce may be one the most mainstream artists around but she continuously proves her artistic integrity. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous in this video but the song itself is relatively unique and it's something I could picture myself listening to regularly.

Really though most of the credit must go towards the visuals. Everything from her makeup (which is art in itself) to her stunning, sexy costumes to her martini glass is perfect. I'm so impressed with this video. It's the kind that makes me really sad that this is basically a dying art form. I did first catch it on the 24 hour music video channel, MTV Hits though so there's still a glimmer of hope.

In a time when Christina Aguilera is failing to reinvent herself as a retro sexpot and Lady Gaga has begun to overdo the crazy, Beyonce does both wonderfully.

I promise the next four minutes of your life will not be wasted.

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