14 October 2009

This Isn't Pretty: John Mayer Edition

I've only seen it once but so far: I hate John Mayer's new video for "Who Says". The only way I can get through it is to imagine that when he says "I don't remember you looking any better but then again I don't remember you" he's referring to himself - because those are my thoughts exactly.

He has never looked better, he's a sexy guy, but I don't remember John Mayer this way and I don't want to. I want my old "Room For Squares", nerdy, off the radar John Mayer back immediately. I don't want him covering Tom Petty songs anymore or saying his duet with Taylor Swift is like "Petty/Nicks" in the '70's. It is not. I'm tired of these pathetic games. I'm about to shell out some major money for an album release show in November and I'm so fed up with this new image of John Mayer as a tabloid rock star/starlet sex machine/arrogant not-even-as-talented-as-he-thinks-he-is mess.

I'm only so harsh because I love him and he's my all time favorite. I know he can do better and it really saddens me that the beautiful minimalist format of videos like "Waiting on the World to Change" and "Clarity" are suddenly replaced with what Perez Hilton called "Mariah Carey style - all glam, no substance". This is too depressing to even post about.

While I'm starting to appreciate the song "Who Says" for what it is and starting to realize more and more that this upcoming album is not going to be the jazzy soul record I was praying for, I still can't swallow this video yet. Why is John Mayer suddenly Hugh Hefner? Keep it in your private life. I know I'm just one person but as a long time Mayer fan, I value his artistic side just as much as his musical side. This might be a little known fact but he is the one responsible for coming up with many of his own album art layouts. "Heavier Things" is all him and the classic John Mayer blue/gray color scheme is another brainchild of his.

Now, who's responsible for this crap?

Watch below:

And as a reminder, this was one of his last music videos, the gorgeous "Waiting on the World to Change". Look at the difference. And hey, while you're at, listen to how much better this song is than "Who Says". WHAT A MISTAKE.

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Melissa Lynn said...

I don't know about sexy - but to each their own. I love your writing.

By the way, this is where I want to live one day - want to join?: Angelica, NY