21 October 2009

Back and Better Than Ever

I am blinded by love right now for what is starting to sound like John Mayer's best album to date. I was concerned after the hoopla surrounding the meager "Who Says" but judging from the 30 second previews on Amazon UK, I'm beginning to believe that the song doesn't even belong on the record with the rest of these stellar sounds.

There is this phenomenal Lindsay Buckingham sound to almost the entire album that is so striking I can't think of much else to say about it just yet. It is incredibly sultry, sleepy, breezy, hollow, Radiohead-In-Rainbows-ish even. Like I mentioned previously, Mayer stated he was going for a SoCal, Tom Petty vibe on this record but thankfully he missed that point (which I feel he wouldn't be able to hit) and almost mistakenly came up with a record so perfect in its classic John Mayer/Fleetwood Mac execution that I was practically in tears listening to it. Superb.

So far, once again just based upon the 30 second clips, my favorites are opener "Heartbreak Warfare", middle track "Perfectly Lonely", and follower "Assassin". These three songs hit me right away without needing a second listen (although there's already been about 12 listens to each of these). I cannot wait for Battle Studies, the album I will be listening to nonstop for the next five years, to come out.

Sorry, everyone. I know it's embarrassing to admit obsessive love, particularly for John Mayer, but while he still needs to work on his album cover skills, he makes excellent music.

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