25 August 2009

Dailey Does it Again

Will Dailey is really working his magic on me. I have had a concert ticket for Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire burning a hole in my pocket for the past month when suddenly Will Dailey flies into town on the same evening - this Friday - and makes me reevaluate my plans.

Truth be told, Mr. Dailey is opening for Jonah Smith at the Bowery Ballroom and the reason I'm definitely going is because of my lovely friend who got us on the guest list after I dragged us to his show at Mercury Lounge last month and she took some incredible photographs of the band that got some rightful attention. We both became instant fans and of course, who can pass up free tickets to see a great musician with a great companion? It was difficult giving up those Chicago tickets as it has become an annual tradition for my cousin and I to keep the family spirit alive and see them, our favorite band, together but this seemed like more of a one-time opportunity. There is nothing greater I can support than the discovery and appreciation of new artists and Will Dailey tops that list.

As a quick reminder if this is your first time hearing of Dailey, he is an up and coming, extremely determined and rather extremely passionate, young musician from Boston who is not only reinventing a new way of delivering music to the masses with his Torrent collection but playing to audiences nationwide on tours either headlining or supporting other singer/songwriters. If you have yet to hear him, I would describe his sound somewhere between folksy rock and gutsy pop. There's a lot of power in these little tunes.

I have faith I made the right decision in choosing the hip young Dailey over a band I have seen over a dozen times. Perhaps I can catch another date on their tour?

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