24 August 2009


This is the kind of moment that I live for:

John Mayer has just announced that his latest album, Battle Studies, will be released November 17th with a single "Who Says" (that we posted about awhile ago) coming even sooner. I'm not sure what this single will do for his "Daughters", "Your Body is a Wonderland", "Say" (aka the worst singles artist ever) stigma but it is sort of about smoking pot and stays true to some of the themes in "Waiting on the World to Change" so it has definite potential.

I don't care who's reading: I am just thrilled! When a new John Mayer album comes out it's better than Christmas, a concert ticket, and a strong margarita combined - it is the greatest day of the year.

To take a look back on some footage fans have received awaiting the epic new album check out the videos below:

Battle Studies Videos 1-3

Half of My Heart - New song that hopefully made it on to the album because it takes my breath away. I could easily listen to this song alone for a month straight.

Latest song leak - "Friends, Lovers, or Nothing" with tambourine courtesy of the immensely talented Steve Jordan. Not as good as "Half of my Heart" for me but I was really impressed with the folksy/soul/'70s vibe I was getting from this song that I rarely feel in Mayer's usual sparse/modern/blues sound.


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