09 September 2010

Song to Love: Give a Little More - Maroon 5

It's no secret that I love sexy songs. I don't know if you could categorize that as a musical genre but it's certainly my favorite musical grouping. I like to feel something when I'm listening to music and a strong sensual message is a great example of a simple sound transferring into an actual emotion. Of course the usual mix of sad sack songs and love songs can sometimes incite an emotion but it's just not as fun. For me personally it's a weird bag of random songs that captures that particular sensual essence for me. It's not really the standard Barry White songs (as seen in my eclectic prior posts on seduction songs not too long ago), it's much more the setting of any given song.

Take for example Maroon 5's new single "Give a Little More". I don't really find lead vocalist Adam Levine's voice to be enticing but if I were creating an image in my head of this song, it would be a bearded guy (of course) crawling on top of some well dressed girl on a leather couch - he doesn't want to give in but he does sort of thing. It's the feeling inside a song that I enjoy wrapping myself around, whether that song happens to be a poppy fluff piece or something with a little more substance.

When I came across the new music video for this Maroon 5 song, I was slightly disappointed - happy they didn't go the overt Christina Aguilera/Bionic way - but disappointed nonetheless. They could've roughed things up a little. This video proves Mr. Levine can give a knowing glance and the girls are definitely attractive but what happened to all his "This Love" sexual appetite? That music video was so over the top, VH1 had to censor some of the images and Youtube asks you to prove you're 18 before viewing. I miss that. Maroon 5 has always been rather open with their musical agenda and I commend them. In concert, Levine is not above gyrating against his guitar or bringing girls on stage to sing to. He'll tell you upfront that he wants to "dig" his fingertips into you and everything else. Based on prior knowledge, I expected more but the song is still excellent and better than anything else I've heard on the radio in the past few months.

 The mostly family friendly "Give a Little More"...

and the sophisticatedly risque "This Love".

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Wicked Walrus said...

Maroon 5 stinks like old goat carcass