04 September 2010

Music Video to Love: Cee Lo Green - Fuck You

There are some things, usually musically, that are so good they bring me to tears. This doesn't typically happen but when it does this blog definitely comes in handy. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS.

I know this song is already all over the internet from music blogs to Perez to Facebook but this music video seals the deal on making this the greatest song of the year. I cannot believe how superbly executed this video is. It makes me ridiculously happy. I love Cee Lo's face and the crazy singing trio of ladies behind him and the nostalgic theme... everything! And I don't know if it's just me but he reminds me a bit of Marlon Brando in The Godfather. Overall though, it is pure perfection.

For some quick background, the song itself was released August 19th and quickly got over two million views on YouTube - even before this video was released. According to Wikipedia, the radio edit of this song is called "Forget You" although I have yet to hear that version - it has to be rather lame compared to this. Cee Lo co-wrote this track with Bruno Mars of "Billionaire" and "Nothin' on You" fame.

I know you'll enjoy this.

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Cool Camel said...

What a hip stylish video.