10 April 2010

Somebody to Love: Alex Lambert

Although this is the first season I have yet to miss an episode of American Idol (not the greatest accomplishment, I know) I don't particularly have a favorite yet. It's getting down to the top eight and really none of them impress me all that much.

This isn't to take away from the fact that any young person who can get on a stage in front of millions of people is amazing in one way or another but none of the music is really my cup of tea this season. Casey James and Crystal Bowersox have their moments of brillance (last week Casey had the best performance of the season in my opinion with "Jealous Guy") but it was Alex Lambert that has stood out to me as the real find of the year.

Eliminated right before the Top 12, Alex has recently been given a second chance at fame, getting a spot on the Simon Fuller internet reality series "If I Can Dream" documenting six rising stars lives in the Hollywood Hills. I watched the first episode with Alex in it and believe me, he is the only good part. This show is absurb beyond all measure but I guess it has semi-good intentions.

There is so much to like about this kid: his floppy, mullet haircut, shy demeanor, laid back personality, sneaky charisma, adorable smile, slight scar beneath his left eye, and most of all, phenomenal voice. This guy has a voice that is way beyond his 19 years.

Singing songs by some of my favorite artists throughout his time on Idol - John Legend, Ray LaMontagne, etc. - he was able to not only do them justice but bring a new flavor to them. More really is less sometimes when it comes to the simple, sweet songs Lambert was prone to choosing and unlike so many other young people who go straight to impersonations or overdoing the scatting, every performance choice felt like it was coming from his gut - he didn't seem to be thinking about it or going nuts with the showmanship - which could be why he was eliminated. Simon and the gang insisted on focusing on his lack of confidence instead of his incredible, natural gift.

I was hit with the desire to write this post upon hearing Lambert's brilliantly simple rendition of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" this morning at work. His voice does wonders for an already special song and I HAD to include my favorite of his performances, his own reworking of Mario's R&B hit, "Let Me Love You" which he did live on Ellen back in March.

I could go on and on about Alex Lambert but in fear of sounding like a pedophile, I think I'll just let you be the judge and enjoy these samplings. I swear, if I were an A&R person, I would sign him fast. He could really go places.

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Anonymous said...

I've never been as disinterested in American Idol as it is in this season (although seasons 5 & 6 come close). I am glad that Alex is moving on though, getting this new gig, and I know he'll make it far in the business 'coz he really deserves to.