29 December 2009

"This is a Better Record - IN SOME WAYS"

Sometimes I consider making a fresh blog solely concentrating on my favorite band, The National. My love affair with The National is so intense that I don't really have much to compare it to, particularly musically speaking. There is not really any other band that I love nearly as much. During a boring afternoon at work I decided to go on Youtube and just check out some videos that I haven't seen in awhile. While looking up The National, I came across this interview with AOL that really hit me. Matt Berninger, the lead singer, is asked to compare two of his albums to one another and gives a perfect answer: "this is a better record - in some ways". I've always detested when an artist has a new album coming out and suddenly puts down all of their past records. They always insist that their new one is the best of their career and the other ones weren't "them". As a fan it puts me in a weird spot: their old record might have been my favorite - why are they telling me that I shouldn't like that one as much as this one? By saying the new record is simply better in some ways, it's still giving credit to the older songs and admitting that they have their own charms.

Of course Matt Berninger is a genius that is also compared to Raymond Carver within this interview as well so I'm not surprised by his insightful answers.

Also, check out "Runaway", a new song that I've posted before but if you have not heard MUST right now. It is truly exceptional. Sparse and beautiful.

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