23 December 2009

Song to Love: Meiple - Robin Thicke featuring Jay-Z

The second one in the same day! "Meiple" is one of those songs that is definitely love or hate but from the first listen I absolutely loved it. It sounds like NOTHING else. Robin Thicke has created a song that is so infinitely different from everything else out there and that is really impressive in a time when almost everything sounds alike. And just think: this is a mainstream song! I don't know, I'm really happy about this. Thicke's entire new album "Sex Therapy" that was released on December 15th is so sensual and unique. He doesn't rely on the usual techniques of R&B or pop, he's almost his own genre. Even more exceptional, he seems truly involved in every aspect of his own music taking on production, singing, and writing credits for this, his fourth studio album.

Take a listen to "Meiple" below along with a three minute video of his session time with Jay-Z. For such a short glimpse, it's actually really insightful. And as a quick glance back, I've included the video for "When I Get You Alone", an awesome song he did back in the days of his long hair and one title moniker ("Thicke"). The music in his soul just comes leaping out in this one. It's worth a few minutes of your time, I assure you. Even if you detest the strangeness of Mr. Thicke, he is really interesting and I swear, these songs are going to get stuck in your head all day (the way he says "babe" at the end of every line in this song is SO weird I just love it).

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