23 December 2009

Song to Love: The Christmas Song - Brian McKnight

I have never been a fan of Christmas songs and actually I've never really been a fan of Christmas in general. No matter how much I plan on having a festive 12 days, it always turns into mayhem. It's almost a cruel joke that the days become shorter right before the supposed "most wonderful time of the year", a trick that only helps to breed depression in most circumstances. Christmas songs in particular bother me most of all - with their obnoxious jingles and silly rhymes. It seems like there are 1,000 versions of the same song everywhere I go (and that probably isn't even much of an exaggeration).

Thankfully, Mr. Brian McKnight has stopped the madness and brought to light (on a very dreary night) a beautiful rendition of the holiday classic "The Christmas Song". I don't know if it hit me at just the right time or it really is one of the best Christmas songs I've ever heard but it stuck with me over the past week and got me out of bed to record it at 1am on VH1 Soul the other night so it must have some magic. It is simply beautiful.

Please enjoy.

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