27 January 2009

Working on a Dream

I'm so angry that no one ever let me in on the secret of Bruce Springsteen and his massive brilliance. Like The National (although I should be saying it the other way around), he delivers those lyrics that have a prerequisite involved. Maybe several actually. There is no way in hell that you can walk into a Bruce Springsteen song and just think that you'll get a donut and some coffee. You absolutely have to be really hungry and ready to devour a steak... and be a wine connoisseur on top of it. That's probably the opposite of what most people think of him (just a working class, roughneck from Jersey) but COME ON! This guy is insane on a chart that few other people can even make a mark on. His new album, "Working on a Dream" is like ... heaven. Dealing with all of the topics that truly matter: life, love, strength, dreams, Springsteen manages to have all these crazy dimensions that have never even crossed my mind. And I don't even dare to say that The Wrestler is the closing track on the album. I have discovered a new part of my brain that wasn't there before I listened to this record. And believe me, I am usually against anything that even resembles New Jersey influence but this has nothing to do with 'that'. This is much more. Since I haven't listened to the entire album enough times to fully recommend specific tracks or tell you which song has the best lyrics, I highly suggest picking up this week's Rolling Stone with the Boss on the cover and giving your eyes delicious food to eat up in the form of the article/interview inside which not only gives you a look back at the formation of the E Street Band but goes a step further and kind of gets into his mind - the 59 year old version of his mind at least which seems far more interesting than any other one. I'm so impressed with this album and his sentiments (that within the article sound like improvised poetry of the highest order) that I might have to go out and gather many more of these Springsteen recordings. I live for these discoveries.

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ecrunner said...

I have to say that this new album is not the greatest for me and I am a Springsteen fan! I still gave some great reviews even though there are a few songs that I absolutely did not like! I think his days of fame are coming to an end; even though he is trying real hard not to give up!