25 January 2009

Music Mavens

I was looking up "Music maven john mayer" on Google just now trying to see if anything would come up for my little blog over here and to my astonishment not only are we there but another blog called "Music Maven" is there. This other maven is much older than the one here and full of posts pertaining mostly to really good music... like John Mayer. Needless to say, I'm really surprised. It's kind of a coincidence, right? Not only is this blogger an interesting music nerd but an impressive writer. I'll be generous and say: go check it out.


Beyond that, I got some interesting ideas from this website. This blogger offers a lot of videos, images, and rather intriguing tidbits of information based upon each post. I really want to take of some of this style and incorporate into this blog. My goal, genuinely, is to make a really unique, eclectic website - focusing on the outside of the music cookie. When I hear a new (or even old) song I cannot get out of my head and can't stop listening to, I want to share it with the world. Although I know I won't reach the world from this little soapbox, the idea of even one other person reading about my current favorite songs excites me to no end. It's the little things. I've had some truly incredible experiences online - particularly with blogs. People fall in love through this kind of garbage. For me: I love music. It's the one thing that doesn't let me down and that's why I'm obsessed... and that's why I want to share everything I can with others. I want to share my love. If I could, I would put on a concert for everyone and take everyone to that place that I get to when I'm watching my favorite musicians live out their dreams. It kills me.

Someone, anyone... stick with me and maybe one day I'll write a good post.

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