14 January 2009

Music Survey

I found this on a crazy Boink site or something and while bored at work decided to spend/waste some time polishing it off. I ended up really enjoying it. Take a look:


What is your favorite genre of music? Indie pop, classic/southern rock, classic R&B/standards (but really it’s probably singer/songwriters)
Why? I’m not sure.
Name your favorite band(s) The National, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, The Shins, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Name your favorite solo artist(s) A million. First and foremost: John Mayer. Then: John Legend, Johnny Cash, Matt Nathanson, Jason Mraz, Sondre Lerche, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Ari Hest, Marvin Gaye, Andrew Bird, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, M. Ward, Ryan Adams, Amos Lee, Pete Yorn and SO MANY more.
What is your favorite album? Wildflowers – Tom Petty
What is your favorite album cover?
“Mystery to Me” – Fleetwood Mac
“Revolver” – The Beatles
“Never a Dull Moment” – Rod Stewart
“Mudcruch” – Mudcrutch
Name your favorite song(s)
Some currents:
“90 Mile Water Wall” – The National
“Hang Me Out to Dry” – Cold War Kids
“100 Yard Dash” – Raphael Saadiq
“Queen Bitch” – David Bowie
“Squeeze Me” – Kraak and Smaak

Some Eternals:
“I Need to Know” – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
“D’yer Mak’er” – Led Zeppelin
“Covered in Rain” – John Mayer
“Song to Sing When I’m Lonely” – John Frusciante
“Beginnings” – Chicago
“Speak Low” – Billie Holiday

Favorite CD you own Well… “Wildflowers”. Excluding that, here’s a list of ones I continue to play even though I only listen to music on my iPod now (so that’s saying a lot for these albums):
“Continuum” – John Mayer
“Room for Squares” – John Mayer
“Greatest Hits” – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
“Pure Ella: The Very Best of Ella Fitzgerald” – Ella Fitzgerald
“The Legendary Bobby Darin” – Bobby Darin
“Rubber Soul” – The Beatles
“Cloud Nine” – George Harrison

And lately: “Money and Cigarettes” – Eric Clapton

Favorite song on your computer Absolutely all 1915 of them – and even some of the ones I’ve deleted to make room for new ones.
Favorite song you DON’T have
“Wild is the Wind” – Nina Simone
“The Wrestler” – Bruce Springsteen
Favorite lyrics “Looking for somewhere to stand and stay; I leaned on the wall and the wall leaned away”…
Favorite vocalist Matt Berninger (others: Robert Plant, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Robert Lamm, John Legend, Ella, Marin Mazzie, Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell)
Favorite guitarist John Mayer
Favorite bassist Jason Scheff, Tom Petty
Favorite drummer Bryan Devendorf
Favorite instrumentalist (any instrument not mentioned above) Chet Baker (trumpet)
Favorite classical/jazz composer Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock
Favorite rapper Common
Favorite theatrical score “Ragtime” Broadway Soundtrack
Favorite of anything not mentioned Songwriters: Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, Ray LaMontagne, James Mercer, Kris Kristofferson, Matt Nathanson

The Bad Stuff

What’s your least favorite genre of music? Ska and really hard heavy metal
Who’s your least favorite band? Life of Agony-ish bands
Who’s your least favorite solo artist? Paul Simon
Who do you think is the most annoying musician? Conor Oberst
If you could shoot any “artist” or “band”, who would it be? That’s not nice.. but some do shoot each other.
Least favorite song Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard – Paul Simon
Most annoying song Stand – REM or Year 3000 – Jonas Brothers
Most repetitive song The Meow Mix jingle
Last song to be stuck in your head “The Holiday Seasons”
Did this survey get that song stuck in your head again? “so leave a peppermint stick for old Saint Nick hanging ‘round the Christmas tree…”
Worst band that used to be good? The Killers (in my opinion at least.. there might be better examples though..)
A good band that used to suck? I used to hate AC/DC but now I love them (although it has nothing to do with them improving – it has to do with me changing my mind).

Your Musical Background

What was the first music you remember listening to? Chicago
What type of music do your parents listen to? Classic Rock
Do you play any musical instruments or sing? If so, elaborate. I was president of my high school choir and LOVE to sing although I would rarely do it in front of anyone.
Do you take lessons for instruments or voice? If so, for how long? Vocal class for four years in high school
Do you plan to/have gone to college for music? Does music journalism count?
Who are your musical inspirations? Tom Petty
Who was your first favorite band or artist? Chicago, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson
Who is your most recent favorite band or artist? The National
What styles of music are you interested in learning about? All of them
What styles of music do you already know a lot about? I don’t know enough about anything
Do you know much about musical theory? If not, would you like to? No, yes.
If you take lessons, do you like your teacher(s)? N/A
How many different music teachers do you have, or have you had? I’ve had maybe four?

This or That

Classical or jazz? Jazz
Classic rock or modern rock? Classic Rock
Rock or rap? Rock
Emo or punk? Punk
Funk or blues? Blues
Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin? Led Zeppelin
Bob Marley or Michael Franti? Bob Marley
Coldplay or Radiohead? Both equally I think.
Guster or Dispatch? Guster
John Mayer or Jack Johnson? JOHN MAYER
Eminem or 50 Cent? 50 Cent
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Britney Spears
Backstreet Boys or N’SYNC? N’sync
The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Beatles
Beethoven or Mozart? Mozart
Rachmaninoff or Debussy? Rachmaninoff
Duke Ellington or Count Basie? Count Basie
Electric or acoustic? Acoustic
Mandolin or ukulele? ukulele
Saxophone or trumpet? Saxophone


Why do you like music? “Without music, life would be a mistake” - Nietzsche
When you’re angry, what type of music do you listen to? Foo Fighters (no joke)
Has music ever made you cry? When? Almost on a daily basis for every reason imaginable.
Has music ever made you laugh? When? Adam Sandler singing “Like a Hurricane” because it’s so good!
Do you like local music? I wouldn’t know but Boston had good local music.
What is the best show you have ever been to? Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers @ the Prudential Center, 2008 … BUT it must be said that I am happiest at John Mayer concerts no matter what kind of moron that makes me sound like… AND The National at Hammerstein Ballroom was hypnotic. A quote from the Spin Magazine review said it best: “the previously noisy audience became bizarrely -- and silently -- enraptured.”
Have you ever played in any shows? Many musicals.
Do you enjoy being on stage? Insanely.
Do you like to sing, even if you don’t consider yourself a singer? Very much so.
If you could meet any musician and ask them for advice, who would it be? On life? Tom Petty.
If you could chill with any musician, who would it be? Willie Nelson (or James Mercer)
What instrument that you don’t play now would you like to learn next? Drums or Guitar
Do you like foreign types of music? If so, what types? Indian

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