20 February 2010

Somebody to Love: Brakes (or BrakesBrakesBrakes)

Brakes is another band I became familiar with through searching the end of year lists in 2009. Brakes latest album "Touchdown" was featured in the top 20 of Spin Magazine's final list and after just one listen on iTunes, I took the plunge and purchased their entire album, a rare occurence these days. I didn't make a mistake.

Due to another band already claiming the title "Brakes" in the U.S., this British band goes by the moniker "BrakesBrakesBrakes" professionally here so don't be confused by the mention of both names in interviews and magazine articles.

This is definitely one of those bands that has a sound difficult to explain but based in their touring with acts like Belle & Sebastian, Editors, and The Killers, you get an idea of at least the genre they belong to. To me, they have a sort of country vibe mixed with something similar to the Kinks, if that makes sense to anyone. These songs are so catchy, it's impossible to forget them. This is the kind of band that makes so-called "catchy" pop songs that are hits on the radio today seem like the ultimate impostors.

I was once told by an old friend that the kind of music I like falls into the category of "defensible pop music" and while I was offended by the generalization at the time, I have to say BrakesBrakesBrakes is the perfect example of that made-up genre. This is inexcusably catchy, fun music that is made so well the "defensible" part speaks for itself.

Take a listen. You will not be disappointed!

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