21 January 2010

Jason Segal and Dracula: The Perfect Match

I can't tell you how many times I've dreamed of walking into a Starbucks and seeing someone dressed as Dracula on their laptop drinking a Frappuccino. It is such a recurring dream that I've thought of even doing it myself to allow others to revel in the gratification of it all. Unfortunately I'm too financially unstable to go around buying reputable capes and fangs but Mr. Jason Segal takes my dream in a whole new direction with this stirring performance of the instant classic, "Dracula's Lament" that was broadcast for all the world to see on Craig Ferguson's 1000th episode last month. 

I thank Mr. Segal, Craig Ferguson, and of course Dracula for making this possible and I guess a thank you to DVRs is in order for allowing me to watch it over and over and over again...

Please enjoy.

P.S. How perfect are Jason Segal's facial expressions? It's just pitch perfect.

1 comment:

I am Khatu said...

love this! I was watching the movie (for the 4th time) the other night, seriously the best part!