16 January 2010

My View of John Mayer

I don't know where to begin..

On November 17, 2009, I was lucky enough to be in the third row at John Mayer's record release show in New York City taped live for the Fuse network. I went alone, prepared to spend the entire evening with just a drink and John (him on stage, me in my seat). I love going to concerts with other people but John Mayer is a religious experience for me, regardless of how embarrassing that may sound. Going alone usually turns out to be the best route - not to mention of course that I'm the only person I know who would spend $100 a ticket on him.

This specific evening was particularly worth it though. Even if you don't care for John Mayer, imagine your favorite musician inches away from you singing your favorite songs and spicing it all up with silly anecdotes to amuse the crowd that you just happen to be a part of. The whole experience is insanely dizzying and immensely gratifying.

At the time I meant to write a review of how excellent the concert was and how unusual the feeling of watching cameramen circling around with huge cameras in your face is in the middle of a live performance but somehow it never came into fruition. As I was looking back on draft entries though, these photographs stood out to me and I wanted to put them out there regardless of the lack of a review. It's rare that I get the opportunity to take the photographs myself and I didn't want to miss out on showing them to you. These were taken with one of those flimsy Nikon "coolpix" cameras and then slightly edited with the basic built-in computer system (I'm obviously not a digital expert) but I keep imagining how incredible they would've been if I had a better camera. Luckily, Mr. Mayer has a way of making anything look good.

I'm incredibly thrilled to report that I'll be seeing him again in February so hopefully I'll manage a great review to make up for whatever this is.

I hope you like the pictures and feel free to steal them! It would make me feel important as I usually only steal the good ones. Also, check out the great video footage of the Beacon show below (courtesy of Fuse).

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