10 June 2009

Wanna See My Picture on the Cover, Wanna Buy Five Copies for My Mother..

For better or worse, I have always had an intense love affair with Rolling Stone and as frequently mentioned, my mother and I are absolutely enamored with Mr. Adam Lambert. Mix the two together and you have my favorite Rolling Stone interview since Obama was asked about his iPod playlist. The guy can do no wrong in my book.

And in response to Rob Zombie's recent quote stating: "I'm sure Adam can fucking sing 10 times better than Mick Jagger, but who gives a shit? He ain't fucking Mick Jagger. You know what I mean?"

I know what you're saying, Mr. Zombie, but please leave the character judging to teenage girls on The Hills and the musical equivalency tests to the fans. But as Adam would say, way to get your name in the papers and ride his coattails - and give the compliment of the century at the same time! I love it.

Here's some behind the scenes footage where Adam manages to wear more makeup than I wear in a month and not get any in his eye - which I find amazing because that's always my biggest problem.

Pick up the issue, subscribe to Rolling Stone, or read the full article at www.mjsbigblog.com ... either way.

(Post title courtesy of the great Dr. Hook tune, "Cover of The Rolling Stone")

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Get Green Music said...

It's cool he is so humble, but that's all I really like about him. I don't appreciate his vibrato on every note. I don't think he is comparable to Freddy Mercury in anyway whatsoever. He's a nice kid, but that's about it.