03 June 2009

There's a Quiet Storm

First off, NEVER eat a Dunkin' Donuts egg white and cheese sandwich, especially if it's been sitting in a warm place for 45 minutes prior. I'll leave it at that..

Because this is moving week for me, I once again haven't been able to listen to much new music. As I've mentioned before, I get scared that if I listen to music during a difficult or stressful situation, the connotation of the music will somehow be altered. My roommate mentioned something the other day about making the living room look like Prince. Now I can't get it out of my head - I picture a genie bottle look complete with pink and purple velvet curtains, curvaceous couches, and Prince himself standing on top of the coffee table with the strangely shaped guitar, closing his eyes while passionately singing "Raspberry Beret".

Thankfully, that's all in my head. The living room will actually be beige and brown and the only Prince-esque addition as of yet is a creamy shag carpet I dream of doing LSD on while wearing my silkiest caftan and ruby slippers. My cat could join in as we danced on the ceiling ala Fred Astaire and repeat the lines to "Hard Knock Life" as if it were a chant. I can see it all now... a gypsy wonderland. Maybe I haven't let that Prince thing go just yet.

I wish I could describe the little box office I'm sitting in right now. The rain is pouring from a dark gray sky outside, the cherry wood in this walk-in closet sized space seems even warmer than usual, and I'm listening to Jamie Lidell blast out of the only working computer speaker. A silver calculator sits beside me along with its brother, the stapler, and their distant cousin, the tape dispenser. We all jive a little to the music and wonder what to do with ourselves in this cramped area. Now The Shins come on and we consider James Mercer's beard in greater depth... it is a thing of beauty. We turn it up a little louder.


But I do have to share one more story:

I was in Home Depot, of all places, yesterday and a song came on while I was in the Garden department in the outside area. It sounded so good I wanted to slow dance with the old man looking at the catcus plants next to me. At first I couldn't place it (because I'm losing my mind) and then I realized - Sade! Sweetest Taboo! I have probably heard this song 500 times and out of nowhere it just stung me. I had never heard it like that before. Suddenly I understood it, not even the lyrics, but the sound - it got into me. It might be one of those obsession songs now. It is HOT. And coincidentally, she's finally coming out with a new album, after something like almost a decade of absence.

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