15 December 2008

Top 25 Sexiest Songs - November 19, 2008

I was inspired tonight to go searching for the "sexiest songs" online and found very few I even knew let alone thought were sexy enough to make it on to anyone's list. I also found people rephrase "sexy" as "romantic", "slow jams" or "mood songs". I prefer a little more dirt. "Your Body Is a Wonderland"? No...No. And PS: If you're going to get down to any of John Mayer's songs let it be "I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)" (believe me, it's the hottest). I want to hear something right now that will make the hairs on my neck tingle and make me want to call one of those hotlines they advertise late at night on E. No Marvin Gaye or Barry White allowed either - way too obvious. John Cusack didn't make a Top Five list like this in High Fidelity, did he? Here's my working list right now...

I wish everyone much beautiful love to these songs. They. are. Goood.

Sexiest Songs: A Work in Progress

Electric Feel - MGMT
Everybody Here Wants You - Jeff Buckley
Speak Low - Billie Holiday
Slow Dance - John Legend
Lovesong - The Cure
Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac
Need You Tonight - INXS
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Sway - Dean Martin
Let's Stay Together - Al Green
You Send Me - Sam Cooke
Call on Me - Chicago
All I Want - Toad the Wet Sprocket
My Funny Valentine - Chet Baker
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi - Radiohead
Echo - Incubus
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) - Hall and Oates
I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingos
Hello Stranger - Queen Latifah
Lost Without You - Robin Thicke
Miss You - Rolling Stones
I Wanna Be Loved - Etta James
Sexy Love - Ne-Yo
Take My Breath Away - Berlin
D'yer Mak'er - Led Zeppelin

Strong Addition: Waiting in Vain - Bob Marley

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