17 December 2008

How Speakers Changed My Life

I was in a store today and that's how it all started. I walked in, directly headed to the speaker department, found a nice looking box and thought I had made a decision. At the last second I decided to ask for help from a friendly man in a blue shirt (he happened to work there). He escorted me to computer speakers and discussed something called "watts". Basically the more, the merrier where watts are concerned I soon learned. Thank god for that young man. My life is now complete. I am so in love with these speakers. For $70 I bought Best Buy brand (Insignia) speakers and they are phenomenal. I'm in such a state of bliss right now, I don't know what to do. I'm listening to a song I don't even like because I can't get myself to skip any song on this genius system. I think they call it surround sound. I think they also call it heaven.

Add this to my already incredible Sony subwoofer CD player and awesome Crosley record player and I am seriously in good shape. Now I just have to find friends who love music and want to hang out at my swinging pad. Unfortunately you can't buy those.

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