01 May 2010

Ten Things I Love About Matt Berninger of The National:

01. He's able to turn a simple, two minute song into a treasure (see: "Fashion Coat")

02. His beard.

03. The business chic attire on stage and in all these new publicity photos.

04. Awkward, nervous, confident, quiet, pensive, creative, etc. personality.

05. "I leaned on the wall and the wall leaned away."

06. Lives in the tri-state area.

07. This description of him from a recent article: "Their focal point is a frontman who admits he finds the idea of being the singer in a rock band 'sort of embarrassing'."

08. His desire for the new album to sound like "loose wool" and "hot tar".

09. His outrageous antics on stage (carrying a microphone stand on his back, throwing alcohol across the stage at a New York Magazine gala).

10. The sound of his voice.

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